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Author Topic: Farewell Heavensward, Hello Stormblood!  (Read 932 times)

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Farewell Heavensward, Hello Stormblood!
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:14:10 PM »
We finally have an end of an era in Heavensward, and a beginning of a new chapter with Stormblood!
I would like to thank all Hellion members past and present that have stuck by with the FC and have made the journey exciting and that much more enjoyable!
This also extends out to any friends of Hellion too. I hope that this continues far into Stormblood and beyond.
Take care everyone, and value each other and always stay respectful (but not take each other too seriously either).

Below is a "last memento" photo of 'Hellion and Friends' as a farewell to Heavensward:

And a video from our FC Hollywood Editor in Chief, Lycona Dacheechee!

Names of everyone in this photo:

Tiger Lilley
Nylia Ethelden
Emilia Hellscythe
P'arie Vellucia
Kiyomi Vellucia
Yuuki Hoshiie
Mosseus Bruillian
Bowen Hanetobi
Quella Kupop
Ss Slaya
Destarius Bladeweaver
Zaobei Smith
Ai Yaah
Rai Tetsu
Baal Kanon
Claire Kresnik
Lycona Dacheechee
Cirina Eliana
Scyneir Arnamane
Serinne Khilo
Jeth Ilmisa
Rune Walsh
Wales Isendre
Venom Reginam

Friends of Hellion
Amon Kage
Riki Momotiki
Hugh Jass
Ayes Dyef
Hwai Nhot
Tensei Setsuri
Iris Alkaia
Djer'a Evohk
Kimchi Kim
Riel Hawke
Khuja Abila
Seasalt Chocolate
Thalum Thorkin
Paladin Anderson

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